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L'Equip Filter Pro Dehydrator -
  • Rated #1


    Image path: /cw2/Assets/product_full/L'equip Filter Pro Dehydrator lg.jpgIntroducing the worlds first and only air filtered dehydration system. This means that you eliminate all of the pollen, dust and other contaminants from the air before they get onto your food! I had never thought of it before but now it makes a lot of sense with the amount of air we expose our dried food to. The Filter Pro also comes with a 24 hour auto shut off feature and a digital temperature control for a more precise temperature setting.

    Product Specifications

    • Digital LED time and temp display
    • Patent pending air-filtration system
    • Timer with up to a 24 hour auto shut off
    • Includes 6 trays: 2 deep/ 4 regular
    • Includes 2 'clean air flow' filters
    • Includes 2 fruit leather trays and 6 mesh screens
    • Each tray has 1.2 sq. feet drying space
    • Dries fruit, vegetables, meat, potpourri, yogurt and more.
    • 550 Watts
    • 12 year warranty


    • Enhanced flavor- dehydrated food has concentrated flavor
    • Clean, home dried food- you know what you are eating
    • Create healthy snacks for kids
    • Dried snacks ideal for traveling
    • Buy seasonal foods and save money
    • Dried fruits and vegetables resist spoilage and keep for months
    • Manufactured with the highest quality materials, this userfriendly health appliance not only performs well, but has a unique design to complement any kitchen.


    • Can stack up to 20 trays
    • Clean filtered air is drying your food
    • Over 24 square feet of drying space
    • Dries food uniformly and consistently
    • Solid state variable temperature control for precise results
    • Micro-processor controlled heat sensor stablizes the drying environment
    • Natural food preservation method
    • Easy to clean and use


    Price: $169.99

    This product is currently out of stock.

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