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Presto Original Salad Shooter Accessories / Parts

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Super Shred Cone for Original Salad Shooter




Add an exciting new dimension to salads, stir-fry, sandwiches and more with the Super Shred Cone! It produces larger, thicker, heartier shreds that can stand up to all kinds of creative cooking. Use it to add instant pizzazz to pasta primavera. Garnish gazpacho in a snap. Make a rich minestrone in minutes. Or whip up a scrumptious carrot cake. Pile super shreds of mozzarella on cheese bread and deep dish pizza. This handy accessory will add extra texture and extra appeal to all your family favorites. Presto Original Salad Shooter Super Shred Cone

Fine Shred Cone for Original Salad Shooter


Culinary elegance is easy to achieve with the versatile Fine Shred Cone, whether you're creating wispy vegetable curls to garnish a special soup, composing a delicate sauce for fish, or decorating elegant hors d'oeuvres. Fine shreds add a hint of flavor and a touch of fancy to most anything. Whip up delicious new dips or top luscious sundaes. Dress up many everyday favorites too, like pastas, casseroles, chili, omelets, baked potatoes, bagels and more. For use only with the Professional and Professional SaladShooter® Plus electric slicer/shredder. Presto Original Salad Shooter Fine Shred cone

Medium Shred Cone for Original Salad Shooter


Shred vegetables, fruits, cheese and more for salads, soups, pizzas, tacos, and desserts. This is the most used cone for salad shooters.
Med. Shred Cone for Presto Original Salad Shooter

Ripple Slice Cone for Original Salad Shooter


Just slip on the amazing Ripple Slice Cone and you'll be shooting out spectacular crinkly cuts in seconds. Use them to dress up a salad or casserole.Create beautiful hors d'oeuvre trays. Even make your own delicious, homemade ripple chips, fast and easy.

You've never seen anything like it!

Ripple Slice Cone for Original Salad Shooter

Medium Slice Cone for Original Salad Shooter


This Medium Slice Cone is perfect when you want to slice carrots, radishes, black olives, cucumbers and more for that superbly topped salad. These medium slices are also great for stir-fry and soups. And even though this accessory is called a slicing cone, it chops cabbage for coleslaw like magic! It's also handy when preparing desserts such as apple pie, fresh strawberry shortcake, and fruit pizza. Standard Slice Cone for Original Salad Shooter

Food Guide for Original Salad Shooter


Perfect Aim!
Here's how to shoot ingredients right into your salad, casserole, or dessert with perfect aim. Just slip on the special Funnel Guide attachment and they'll go exactly where you want them with no fuss or muss.
You'll love it for shooting chopped nuts right onto a cake or for directing crumbed crackers, shredded cheese, or vegetables straight into your smallest mixing bowl.
Parts for Salad Shooters

Retaining Collar for Original Salad Shooter


This is the part that secures the cone accessories to your salad shooter. This part is necessary to keep your cones in place. Retaining Colar for Pro Salad Shooter

Feed Tube/Chute for Original Salad Shooter


This is the part that the food is pushed down into. The lower part is the part that the slicing/shredding cones are inserted. Feed Tube/Chute for Pro Salad Shooter

Food Pusher for Original Salad Shooter


This is the part that pushes food down the Feed Tube/Chute. Food Pusher for Original Salad Shooter


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