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Country Living Grain Mill Accessories - 11 to choose from!

(11 Country Living Grain Mill Accessories to choose from!)

1 - Grinding Plates -$109.50

With normal, one-family use, your plates should last 3-4 years. Is it time for you to order a replacement set? Your Country Living Grain Mill will be an essential, life-sustaining product during times of emergency. Having a spare set of grinding plates on hand will give you peace of mind. Be prepared and order a set today!                                          

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2 - Stainless Steel Corn & Bean Auger -$36.99


Now your Country Living Grain Mill can be even more versatile! Use the large auger to mill corn, beans, and coffee. To use, simply replace the standard spring auger with this larger auger. The large auger is cast from stainless steel.

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3 - Power Bar - $25.99

Reduce the effort of grinding grain by 40%! This steel extension attaches quickly and easily to the flywheel of your Country Living Grain Mill, creating more torque and making for an easier grind.
Image path: /cw2/Assets/product_thumb/powerBar.jpg
4 - Flour Bin w/ Storage Lid - $25.99
This beautiful, clear bin with etched wheat pattern is designed to fit snugly underneath your Country Living Grain Mill hopper. After grinding, simply place the protective lid on the Country Living Bin for perfect storage of your freshly ground flour. This attractive bin has an 8-cup capacity!
Image path: /cw2/Assets/product_thumb/Storage_Bin.JPG

5 - Just-in-Case Kit - $29.99

Includes 2 replacement bearings, proper size bolt, nut, 2 custom-cut washers to match bearings while pressing, 12 standard washers, stainless steel spring auger, snap ring, 2 long keys, and 2 short keys. (and instructions).
Image path: /cw2/Assets/product_thumb/justInCaseRepairKit.jpg
6 - Motorization Kit - $424.99
While there is still power, motorize! The motorization kit includes 1" wooden baseboard, motor with pulley, belt and belt guard, and miscellaneous hardware (washers, screws, Allen wrench).
Image path: /cw2/Assets/product_thumb/motorKit.jpg
7 - Wall Mount Kit - $59.99

If you don't have any available counter space the Country Living Wall Mount Kit offers an easy and effective solution to your dilemma.

Comes with pre-drilled holes and equipped with the necessary hardware to mount your mill and shelf to the wall. It is designed to be mounted to a single stud, or into two studs spaced at standard 16" centers. natural

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8 - Hopper Lid - $16.99

Keep the hopper of your Country Living grain mill clear of dust and hungry rodents with this handsome lid constructed from natural wood.

Designed to fit snugly inside the lip of the hopper.
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9 - Country Living Case - $36.99

This handsome hand-stained hardwood case is perfect for storing your Country Living Mill accessories. It will hold an extra set of Grinding Plates, the Corn & Bean Auger, the Power Bar Extension Handle, and the Just-in-Case Repair Kit. This case comes empty, and does not include any accessory parts.

10 - Complete Country Living Case - $194.99

Get the Country Living Grinding Plates, Corn & Bean Auger, the Just-in-Case Repair Kit, and Power Bar Extension Handle together in a handsome, hand-stained hardwood case at no additional charge.

11 - Hopper Extention - $25.99

This hopper extension is designed especially for those of you with motorized mills. It more than doubles the capacity of the existing hopper from 4 1/2 cups to nearly 11 cups. It settles inside the lip of the Country Living Mill's hopper and the wooden hopper lid (sold separately) fits right on top. The hopper extension makes for a handy accessory for large families and farmers grinding feed.

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12 - The Amazing Wheat Book - $15.95
  • The only up-to-date guide on the market today for cooking with Wheat Meat.
  • Now you can make your own seasoing mixes!
  • Save time, money and your health!
  • Perfect whole wheat breads, rolls, and wholesome desserts.
  • Plus other wheat firsts, ie: chips, crackers, breakfasts etc.
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    Price: $109.50

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