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Bamix Swissline Immersion Blender - $249.99

Image path: /cw2/Assets/product_full//Swissline-2.jpg

(Actual Color of bamix and stand are black)

A must for every Chef

Besides the easy cleaning, the greatest advantage of the Bamix Swissline is the fact that you can work directly in any container or even in the pot on the stove need to pour food from one container into another.  It has sealed buttons so that moisture can't get in.  This unit is designed so that you can submerge the unit to just below the buttons. 

The Bamix Swissline strains and blends sauces, liquidizes and homogenizes soups -stirs creams, pancake and omelet mixtures - chops, purées and liquidizes vegetables and fruit - makes mayonnaise in seconds - whips cream and egg-white - even crushes ice cubes and frozen fruit...

...and it is cleaned in seconds!

Key Features:

  • Bamix® can do almost everything a large food processor can do - and it does it in any receptacle, even in a pot on the stove.
  • Bamix® mixes, purées, emulsifies, aerates, chops, grinds etc.. It works extremely small but also large quantities. This is the reason why Bamix® is used on a daily basis.
  • Bamix® does a maximum of work with a minimum of accessories. Bamix® is extremely handy, amazingly light-weight, requires a minimum of space, and it is cleaned in seconds!
  • Bamix® is produced using the finest materials and with ultimate precision. The motor is exclusively designed for Bamix® and is manufactured entirely in Switzerland. The drive shaft is a high precision assembly with extremely tight tolerance.
  • Bamix® is guaranteed whisper-quiet and vibration-free.
  • Bamix® Swiss Made 150 Watt Motor.

Standard accessories: SwissLine stand, multi-purpose blade, whisk, beater, 600 ml poly-beaker and processor

Multipurpose blade
Chops raw or cooked vegetables and fruit, frozen fruit for ice-cream. Strains vegetables for soups and sauces. Purées baby food direct in the pan on the stove (no pouring from one container to another plus washing-up). Mixes doughs for cakes, biscuits or pancakes. Liquidizes fruit and berries for sweets and jams. Crushes ice-cubes in seconds. Image path: /cw2/Assets/product_thumb//Bamix Mincer.jpg 
Beats mousse and egg-whites. Whips cream and even skim milk into a diet topping. Blends sauces (béchamel, hollandaise) Homogenizes and aerates shakes and creams. Foams up cream soups and different foam desserts. For everything which should be light and fluffy. Choose an image to preview 
Stirs and creams pancakes, omelets and batters. Mashes potatoes. Creams puddings. Emulsifies salad dressings - and even cosmetics. You whisk your mayonnaise within seconds (and it is natural, without additives and preservatives!). You can mix your cocktail drinks better than a bar-keeper. For all mixtures with a thick or cream consistency. Image path: /cw2/Assets/product_thumb//Bamix Whisk.jpg 
Poly-beaker 900 ml

The specific inner shape makes this jug perfectly suited to working with the bamix®. Made of polycarbonate, a material which is shockproof, breakproof and heat-resistant up to 150º C. Suitable for use in a freezer and microwave oven. Non-toxic and dishwasher proof. Close-fitting snap-on lid allows safe storage of food.

Image path: /cw2/Assets/product_thumb//Bamix Beaker.JPG 
Processor Suitable for dry and wet ingredients. Grinds all kinds of dry and wet food, such as dried vegetables, hard cheese, chocolate, sugar into icing sugar, spices like cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, etc., coffee, dried bread into breadcrumbs, dried fish, dried mushrooms, all kinds of nuts, peanuts to peanut butter, grains and seeds. Minces small quantities of spreads and baby food. Minces garlic, onion, coconut, chilli, vegetables, horseradish, all kinds of culinary herbs, small quantities of meat or fish, boiled eggs. Image path: /cw2/Assets/product_thumb//Bamix-Processor.JPG 

SwissLine Stand


Ultra-modern design. Presents itself as outstanding in the kitchen. With separate compartment for the attachments and the processor.  Stand is Black


Image path: /cw2/Assets/product_thumb//bamix-Swissline-Stand.jpg 

Price: $249.99

This product is currently out of stock.

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