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Vegalene 14 or 21.5 oz. Can

Vegalene 14 or 21.5 oz. Can

The best in non-stick sprays that we have used.

Pure Vegetable Vegalene Pan Coating -  Prevents Food From Sticking. The Vegalene patented blend of Canola, Sunflower, and Soybean oils contains: no alcohol, no water, no salt, no cholesterol, no preservatives. It is low in saturated fats and certified Kosher.

Vegalene's patented formula provides up to 30% more active release agents than other pan coatings on the market today. The unique heat resistant release agent reduces gummy build-up, prolonging the life of your equipment and saving you clean up time.

Applications using Vegalene
Application Description
Baking/Freezer Foil Spray foil with Vegalene before wrapping meat, dough and other foods. Foil won't stick to food. Also works on plastic freezer containers.
Cake/Pie Pans Vegalene helps crusts brown evenly and prevents sticking
Candy Molds Vegalene eliminates sticking on candy molds and slabs.
Casseroles Prevent sticking on cheese dishes & casseroles with crust. Crusts that seem burned on will soak free & sponge clean easily.
Chafing Dishes If foods scorch over warmers, dishes treated with Vegalene will wipe clean.
Cheese & Meat Slicers Slicers treated with Vegalene slice cleanly and wash easily.
Cookie Presses & Sheets No hand greasing required. Cookies slip right off the cookie sheet, and won't clog cookie press tubes.
Custard Cups Custard, shirred eggs, and baked beans won't stick with Vagalene
Egg Poachers Vegalene helps poached eggs slide right out of the pan.
Griddles Burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches and pancakes look more appealing and lift off cleanly with Vegalene.
Hands Spray Vegalene on hands before hulling berries or fruit. Stains wash off easily.
Kitchen Utensils Spray Vegalene on scissors, knives, spatulas, spoons and potato mashers. Marshmallows, dates, potatoes, etc. will not stick.
Muffin Tins Muffins pop right out and tins clean easily when treated with Vegalene.
Pizza Pans Spray with Vegalene and achieve a crispy brown crust without sticking
Skewers Shish kebobs easily slide off skewers treated with Vegalene.
Skillets Fry scrambled eggs with little or no fat. Chicken, fish and eggs will not stick or tear.
Steam Kettles Soups, stews and other foods won't stick and cleanup time will be greatly reduced.
Trays and Pans No need to grease. With Vegalene, meats, breads, sauces, gravies and sticky foods release without sticking.
Waffle Irons With Vegalene, waffles turn a rich, even golden brown and release cleanly.

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